Winter tyres have always been a bit of an anomoly. But the popularity is increasing as technology behind tyre manufacturing takes great leaps. Many customers are now taking the option of running two sets of wheels, ones for your normal all season tyres and a set with the winter rubber fitted.


As the image suggests, winter tyres have a lower freezing point, which means that in the event of an icy patch, your car will have more grip under braking. It will also  mean that your anti lock braking system won’t lock up, causing a skid. Being able to continue to steer under braking has got to be a good thing, right ?

With that in mind, we do not need to convince you that tyres are a very important safety feature for your vehicle.
Winter tyres have a better sustainability over the usual all season tyres, so please be safe this winter and consider swapping to a set of Winter tyres.

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